Branding Options

Logo Buttons - targeted brand promotion

Logo button adverts appear on areas of websites that match the profile of the candidates you are trying to attract. These buttons prove extremely effective, especially for recognised brand names. The button links through to your company profile and listings.

Banners - high impact display advertising

Banners appear in the header of each site and are segmented by sector. So an outdoor sports related banner would appear in the Outdoor Sports section of, and throughout Banners are ideal for promoting special events, offers and peripheral services. The banner in the forum of alone gets around 80,000 views each month. Banners are sold on a rotating basis, a maximum number of 5 spaces is available at any one time. This gaurantees excellent coverage for all advertisers. In the unlikely event that banner space remains unsold, we display a banner promoting the SeasonWorkers newsletters which helps the list of registrants continue to grow at a rate of 500 people per week! Branded advertising on Houdini Media sites really works.

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